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A lot of folks like to share vacation news via social media. Updates on their latest pets, travels or even the food they eat. The things that excite me are business successes and news having to do with currency markets.

Specifically, I get excited about new opportunities for investors and how the world as a whole is becoming more accessible because of social tools and global communication. I want to look at the big picture today. And the biggest thing in my lens is China and Forex trading in that country.

In three years - April 2007 to April 2010 - according to the Bank of International Settlements, average daily Forex trading in China had increased 112.9 percent to $19.8 billion. What this tells me is that the savvy investor in China knows his currency market and pays attention to the economy. But the culture in China is a bit different from other countries when it comes to investment attitudes.

For example, a recent Reuters article suggested that many investors in China pay more attention to trusted advisors and information gleaned from trusted contacts. Within the article, Ding Yuan, a professor of accounting at the China Europe International Business School, said there’s actually a lot of trading in China based on privileged information...which borders on insider trading.

I see this as a great opportunity to bring a positive investment methodology to the country. Chinese retail investors are seeking qualified trading sources whose expertise provides an easy path to follow. I’m encouraged by the fact that three of our expert, elite traders in our program are Chinese - currency trading experts who are trusted, local and skilled.

Add to this the attitude Chinese government is taking toward its currency in allowing the Yuan forwards to rise to combat import inflation. This presents the Chinese people with positive economic news - or at least less negative news - and helps bolster the attitude of some currency investors.

Ultimately, the investment style in China is a clear validation that copying the trades of professional Forex traders is in demand. And it’s the way many investors approach their investments there - with expert advice from trusted contacts. Further, the strengthening of the Yuan underscores the increasing global attention to currency markets and the importance of stabilizing local and regional economies.

In allowing their people to explore a different, innovative and online investment option, China has given me hope that we live in a world where social media tools can bridge the gaps between communities, countries and people. Currensee is moving forward with their 2011 goal of international expansion, first came the UK and now...

We’re going to China! It’s gonna be a great journey. Making stops in Beijing, Shanghai, and HongKong - Read our press release here.


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