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Aite Group recently mentioned Currensee as one of the Top 10 Trends in Wealth Management. “Copy Trading” is listed as the #7 trend on the report and shows some very positive signs for 2012.

The report refers to copy trading as “...one emerging financial service holding promise because it improves the outlook of all three pillars of wealth management (asset gathering, trading volume and fees), particularly during this period of low yields and uncertain economic conditions.”

Copy Trading CurrencyCopy trading allows investors to follow professional traders by mirroring the professional’s trades in their own personal trading account. This allows investors to gain exposure in other markets where they might not have the time or skill to trade on their own. Copy trading is also beneficial to asset managers because it can funnel millions in AUM through their office.  Managers can offer a single trader or combine a group of traders and create a fund for their clients. In short, managers can offer their clients a viable way to invest in the currency market without being a currency specialist.

In an earlier Forbes article, Aite Group goes on to say how Currensee is the leader in educating investors and managing traders. An important part of copy trading is the proper vetting of currency traders that your clients can follow. The vetting process removes unprofessional traders who don’t have the discipline to trade successfully. By only allowing the top traders to be selected, the follower or asset manager only needs to choose few different traders to create a diversified currency investment. Following a group (or fund) of seasoned forex traders can be a nice addition to the standard equity/debt portfolio.


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