Today, in celebrating its 25th birthday, CNBC will have you know that stocks, which have generated returns of over 500% in the past 25 years, are the best asset because, well, "where else are you going to put your money." So if you said the S&P500 is the best performing "asset" class in the past 25 years you would be... wrong.

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FXStreet (Łódź) - Greece held its first sovereign debt auction since 2010 on Thursday, during which it sold 3 billion euros of 5-year notes, exceeding the target of 2.5 billion euros. The average yield was at 4.95%, below the projected 5-5.25%.
Greek Deputy PM Evangelos Venizelos said following the auction that the “bond issue proves that Greek debt is sustainable.”
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The "recency effect" is the tendency when making a decision to give recent events more weight than things further in the past. "It's a "cognitive defect" from which most people suffer, says Josh Brown, chief executive of New York-based Ritholtz Wealth Management. "People extrapolate what just happened into more of the same." Or put another way, if stocks have consistently risen year after year, people expect they will continue to do so indefinitely."

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Global currency direction for Q2 relies heavily on two events following the script this week, the first was yesterday’s ECB rate announcement and the second is this morning ‘granddaddy’ of economic indicators – US non-farm payrolls report. Capital markets expects a strong headline print, investors require one, while global economies need one.

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The first week of every month is usually one of increased volatility for the forex market. Friday's US NFP Report is the highlight of the week, but there are other significant reports.

An example might be the reports coming from Britain which will impact the pound. These reports began Tuesday with the M/M Manufacturing PMI Report. This report fell short of expectations, 55.3 down from last months 56.9, and the expected 56.7.

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