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The emerging market carry trade is back on, helping to chase higher the very assets that were sold off last year amid concerns U.S. interest rates were set to rise.

“The U.S. yields haven’t actually risen,” said Nizam Idris, head of fixed income and foreign-exchange strategy at Macquarie. “That environment encourages funds to look for yields,” which can typically be found in the very current account deficit countries that were sold off last year, he added.

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At the end of last year, Forex Magnates connected with Dmitry Orlov, one of the pioneers of the PAMM accounts industry, to learn more about his opinion on the
copy trading
market and to gather some details about his new venture, Strategy Store. ... For trader: normalized strategy comparison, “fake strategy” is easy to identify; for investor: no order latency issues like in
mirror trading
services, all investors are equal, plus money management tools to control investment risks and “personalize” trading strategy; for broker: ...

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Many trading systems look good on paper and cunning system developers and fraudsters often use this fact to promote a forex EA or trading system product that actually has no chance in the real world. Some of these products will come with slick marketing materials that offer the potential to substantially increase your income from trading.

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Via the FT, "At a gathering of global central bank officials and industry representatives in Sydney on Friday, attendees will discuss alternatives to the system of fixing benchmark exchange rates in a one-minute window when high volumes of trades are pushed through, according to a person familiar with the agenda." Trying to get ahead of ongoing fixing investigations, FX honchos are looking to get their own houses in order and keep ahead of the regulators.

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On Forex Crunch, "Whatever anyone may say, coming up with an effective forex trading system is no easy task. There are lots of things that need to be taken into account when designing a forex system in order to make sure it is robust." Learn more about the dangers of overfitting the model and the perils of poor cash management.

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Quoth the FT, "Emerging market recovery and low interest rates and volatility in developed nations’ currencies have lifted appetite for the risky carry strategy." Borrowing in a low interest rate market to buy securities in a high rate market has been a thing since markets existed, but there's always the risk of a long and painful unwinding...

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Via LeapRate, "MarketWatch is doing what several forex brokers are now doing: using signals taken from culling social media to help provide direction and trading signals for traders." The new "Trending on Twitter" bar is a sentiment analysis tools developed by Market IQ. If the wisdom of crowds is good, perhaps the wisdom of tweets is even better?

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