About Currensee

Currensee is the leader in bringing the world currency markets to investors and financial institutions around the world as a viable alternative asset class.

Changing the world of investing with Trade Leaders

The first program of its kind, the Currensee Trade Leaders™ Investment Program makes the foreign exchange (Forex) market accessible to investors and financial institutions of all types – regardless of their knowledge of the market or ability to trade. The program delivers the proven returns and risk management practices of Trade Leaders, members of a select network of emerging foreign exchange managers – some hand-picked from the robust Currensee social network(link to soc network page) and others recruited from some of the top CTA and asset management firms across the globe. Each Trade Leader must pass a rigorous due diligence process and we accept less than 1% of applicants. Through the program, an investor in New York automatically receives the trades of a Trade Leader based in China, resulting in a diversified portfolio of managers. The underpinnings of the program, the Currensee Intelligent Trade Replication Technology™, is the proprietary trade automation engine that precisely manages the timing and round-turn execution of trades. Currensee provides unprecedented transparency and control of asset allocation and risk management, all delivered via a unique online experience that fundamentally changes the world of investing. read more

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