Shaun Downey

As Chief Market Analyst at Currensee, Shaun brings his extensive knowledge of both the fundamental and technical Forex arena to provide commentary, insight and trading strategies to the Currensee trader network and the Forex industry at large.  Shaun has spent the last 17 years as a technical analyst at CQG teaching, consulting, and promoting technical analysis and system creation around the world, on a one to one, webinar and seminar basis. He also acts as Chief Investment Advisor for Grays and Associates which has over £20 million in managed pension funds, trading all asset classes, on both a short term and strategic basis.

His most recent major venture has been the release of his book, “Trading Time” New Methods in Technical Analysis, which highlights some of the studies he has created over the years that are specifically designed to concentrate on the often ignored area of timing trades and managing risk and expectation, whatever your investment horizons.

He is the founder of which provides technical commentaries, education and mentoring programmes for the professional and retail arena. He posts educational/market relevant videos on the forum and posts on Twitter under the name of Shaun_Downey.



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