Marcie Smith

If you want to hear the voice of the customer, spend some time with Marcie. She is the Director of Trading Experience here at Currensee and spends her day talking with traders from Michigan to Malaysia and helping our members improve their experience on the platform. She puts her Sociology degree to good use and works with our traders to understand what they need and why. She works closely with Asaf and the Engineering team to share what she’s hearing and prioritize product improvements and new feature ideas.

Marcie is the real deal when it comes to building and growing service organizations and customer-centric cultures. Most recently, she was responsible for member servicing at Upromise, the largest and most successful coalition loyalty program in the United States. Marcie and her team supported Upromise members from its pre-launch days to a member base of more than 10 million. Before Upromise, Marcie cut her teeth in the financial services world at MBNA America (later acquired by Bank of America), managing teams within marketing, operations and compliance.

Marcie has a BA in Sociology from the University of Maine and is used to cold winters in Portand. She is a lifelong, at times broken-hearted, Red Sox fan and also enjoys kayaking, hiking, shoe-shopping and martini-shaking. She says things like "testicular fortitude" and "I don’t know what I don’t know," but that’s why we love her.

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