Brian Glantz

Brian is the deal guy at Currensee. Talk about driven by the numbers, Brian lives, eats and breathes new partner development. Urban legend has it that he closed his first deal by asking a random person on 42nd Street if they trade currencies. Now that’s a bulldog.

Brian brings over 20 years of successful sales, marketing and financial services experience to Currensee. Brian likes a good commitment and works his mojo developing strategic business relationships for Currensee worldwide.

Brian brings his trade sales experience to Currensee from Wall Street, where he was the New York Director of Sales at Global Forex Trading (GFT), a leading global forex platform provider. He was the man responsible for branch management, profitability, and increasing account openings, deposits, customer trades and sale of fee-based services for all brokers within the New York office.

Brian also did time in the world of management consulting and held senior positions with BT Global Services, Accenture and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young.

Brian graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. He shares Asaf’s love for Scotch, is a health-nut and wears his Italian loafers spit-shined even in the slush and snow of the New England winter. Fancy.

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