Avi Leventhal

Avi Leventhal brings nearly 15 years of international business and entrepreneurial experience to Currensee. One of the original co-founders, Avi serves as Vice President of Product Management where he is responsible for developing new features and functionality, and driving the overall product strategy for the company.

For the past five years, he has been an independent trader offering expert training courses and lectures across the world on Forex trading strategies. Previously, Avi was a business and marketing consultant, where he advised technology companies on go-to-market strategies and product direction.

Prior to his independent work, Avi was the Business Director at EnterPortal, a knowledge management system and Senior Economist at the Technological Entrepreneurship Project of ministry of commerce in Israel.

Avi received a BBA in Marketing and Product Development Strategies at the Tel-Aviv College of Management in Israel, and an MBA at the Heriot Watt University Business School in Scotland.

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