April’s Job Market Forecast Looking Good

In an optimistic article published by Bloomberg Businessweek, it is predicted that despite March’s minor employment setback, the US job market will continue to grow throughout April. Predictions by Deutsche Bank economists Joseph LaVorgna and Carl Riccadonna illustrate that due to increased consumer confidence, the hiring world will expand at a rate of about 200,000 new positions per month during 2012.

As companies sales increase, investing in new workers becomes an attractive prospect for upping productivity. Thanks to strong consumer spending up climbs, the jobless rate appears to be doing the opposite. This is clearly demonstrated in March’s numbers, where it fell to 8.2 percent – the lowest it’s been in three years. In a recent Bloomberg survey of 70 economists, it was determined that the US economy is healing at an estimated median of 2.2 percent; a bit heftier than last years 1.7 percent.

With all the positive outlooks swirling around the US job market, inevitably a balance must be struck meaning someone’s gotta suffer. The stocks are assuming that role as they fell, bringing with them the S&P 500 Index to 1.2 percent. Asian stocks also declined for a fourth day, while China’s recent inflation increase killed hopes of the government easing monetary policy.

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