Daily Archives: April 11, 2012

It has been quite an exciting day here at Currensee as we’ve been receiving generous coverage on a press release published this morning by the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch. The premise of the piece highlighted how Currensee’s Trade Leader Investment Program has grown to include over 100 institutional partners who are currently offering the program to their investors and clients.

It is interesting to look back over the timeline beginning at the programs initial inception back in October of 2010, when it was available only to retail investors. It wasn't until roughly a year later that we started providing institutional investors the option of offering the program to their clients, which include asset managers, hedge funds, family offices, introducing brokers, and other financial institutions.

The press release also illustrated how the relatively new realm of online trading platforms are reshaping the way trading happens by allowing investors some degree more control. Javier Paz, senior analyst of Aite Group, explains some components that have contributed to the monumental shifts in forex trading.

"The abundant liquidity of the Forex markets has given rise to a new breed of professional-level traders. This development, along with the popularization of trade-replication technology and prudent copy-trading rules, are the biggest developments in institutional investing since the creation of hedge funds."

The press release definitely brings into perspective just how much this facet of trading is adapting to available technology as a means of improving the way forex investors navigate the world currency markets. Thank you so much to MarketWatch, Elite Group, and the many others who found this information worthy of posting on their blogs and sites - we really appreciate it! Find the full press release here.


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