Daily Archives: April 2, 2012

At the beginning of March, Facebook threw a curve ball at the corporate world by announcing that in one months time, the social network would take on a whole new identity: the Timeline format. Like it or not, every company would now inevitably have to conform to this unfamiliar setup if they wished to stay relevant.

After learning what all this really meant for businesses, it seems as though the Timeline conversion will actually be a very beneficial move for both brand and fans. The new set up of each page will take on a much more interactive identity, which will allow them to connect on a more personal (and less intrusive) level with their fans.

An interesting article on Mashable by Victoria Ransom, founder and CEO of Wildfire Interactive, the global leader in social media marketing software, provides great insight on how brands can take advantage of the new format. In it, Ransom explains that one of the more anticipated results of this new format will be to bring a stronger element of humanization to corporations who use Facebook as a primary means of interacting with the masses. This will be achieved by using the Timeline to highlight milestones they have reached throughout their years growing and developing.

There was no way Currensee was going to be left in the dust and passed over by this monumental shift in social media interaction. Oh no, we were on it the moment we caught word of the change, working to come up with ways we could utilize it to help our Traders Leaders, investors, and everyone in between fare better in the foreign currency market.

An upside to this is that we’re now in better control of the content we share with our fans. This allows us to make the information we feel will benefit and help them the most top priority and easiest to access. If we’re broadcasting a webinar that will improve an investor’s individual trading experience in anyway, we can now pin it so it sits on top of the page for a few days. Also, if we bring a new Trade Leader on board, we will be able to share the information with fans in the form of a wider, more eye catching post.

Thursday, our marketing team premiered Currensee’s new Facebook page in the Timeline format. We featured at the top a banner comprised of each Trade Leader’s icon, which gives a quick summation of who’s currently on the roster. Another new feature we invite fans to use is the addition of direct messaging. The lines of communication are now open and we welcome fans to drop us a note anytime! Check out the new look here - enjoy!


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