Maximizing Performance with Multi-Dimensional Diversification

Last week the gentlemen from the Trade Leader Adantia did a webinar in which they talked about their approach to the markets. Chances are, most of the folks who were listening in realized that the Adantia strategy isn't one that can be replicated by the vast majority of investors. It requires considerable amounts of research and technical ability in the area of things like genetic algorithms and massive computing power to run all the modeling calculations. Even still, to my mind there were a couple of different things listeners could take away from the discussion.

Diversification of Approach
I have written before of what I call diversification of approach or methodology. This is the process by which a portion of ones trading or investment funds are traded in one or more different ways than one's primary funds. I don't mean stocks vs. bonds, or anything like that, which is diversification across markets or sectors. I mean the system or strategy underlying the trading process is totally different. This is something that can be done within the context of a single market, or across multiple markets for multi-dimensional diversification.

One of the major benefits of the Trade Leader system is the ability to diversify across trading approaches. Since the Trade Leaders use different methods and systems for their trading, many of which are not well correlated with each other (never mind other markets like stocks), there exists the ability to develop a well-diversified portfolio within the group so as to avoid having exposure to just one approach which may suffer from poor performance under certain market conditions.

Diversifying Your Approach
I noted that Adantia's specific approach to trading is well beyond the ability of most traders and investors to replicate. Their basic philosophy is relatively easy to understand, though. Adantia uses a mean-reversion strategy in which it plays for reversals of market moves rather than continuation of them. It can be thought of as being an over-bought/over-sold strategy as opposed to a trend following one.

Understanding the basic approach of each Trade Leader presents the opportunity for you to exploit the markets in ways that your trading does not. If you are primarily a trend following type of trader, then a Trade Leader like Adantia can add a dimension to your portfolio by taking advantage of non-trending markets. Similarly, if you are a US time frame day trader, then an Asian time frame based Trade Leader would give you exposure to part of the day you can't trade yourself.

This is the whole point of multi-dimensional diversification and it's something that could benefit a lot of different types of traders and investors.

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