3 thoughts on “Is live trading different than demo trading?

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    When I did my Demo trading I had the broker setup the amount of cash available to be the amount I was going to put at risk which was $1600.00. When trading there was very little if any slippage on market orders and it seemed that even limit orders got filled fairly quickly, no matter what time of day or night.

    When I went live I found that my limit orders didn’t always get filled even though the price was at the limit and there was at times substantial slippage on market orders. The only time I do not see slippage is when I do a close position instead of a sell or cover. It seems to get the price with almost no slippage for some strange reason.

    During my first 2 months of trading live I blew through most of my account and I re-funded it with a little less then the same amount from my first funding. I’ve made back almost all I have lost in the past month. I had to learn to be a bit more patient in my trading and holding positions.

    My Broker is MBT and the only thing I am unhappy with right now is that they don’t offer a key for ninjatrader platform. So for now I am using the free version with the MBT navigator to place trades.


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