7 days left to speak out to the CFTC on new Forex regulations

There's just one week left to comment on the CFTC's proposed rule changes 75 FR 3282.  This ruling proposes that a Forex IB must enter into a guarantee agreement with a CFTC-regulated Forex Dealer Member (FDM), along with a requirement that the Forex IB may be a party to only one guarantee agreement at a time.  That means that an IB can work with only one Forex broker at a time, and that means less choice for traders and less business opportunity for independent US Introducing Brokers.

If you, like Currensee and the other members of the IB coalition, oppose this ruling, it's time to make your voice heard.  Visit IBcoalition.org to learn more about the issue and send an email to the CFTC.  Just a few lines will suffice.  The CFTC will post all the comments they receive, and the more they get, the better the odds are that they will change their plans.

If you need more inspiration on the issue, check out Tell the CFTC that one size doesn't fit all by Dave Lemont and Dear CFTC: who are you really protecting? by Asaf Yigal.


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