5 thoughts on “Why Currensee doesn’t support demo accounts today (hint: real traders, real trades)

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    I would like to know how can you guarantee that real accounts are actually real when using your EA?

    EA’s can be very easily decompiled, which means that you can’t actually guarantee if only real accounts are connected or if someone is just messing with your stats.

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    Asaf Yigal

    We implement certain measures to assure the EA is not compromised and sends the correct information along, having said that, no software which is out of our control can be 100% bullet proof and we’re working with the MT4 brokers on methods to use other APIs to collect information directly from the MT4 servers thus eliminating the risk of someone compromising our EA

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    That’s what I’ve suspected and it contradicts with the title of this blog post: “Real Traders, Real Trades”.

    Thank you for an honest answer!

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    Something you can do which would really benefit demo traders (future live ones). Release stats or give hints about trader platforms popularity!


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