Forex Sentiment and Volume: A New Dimension in Market Analysis

Next week, Currensee will present our first Forex Expert Panel Webinar, Forex Sentiment and Volume: A New Dimension in Market Analysis, featuring Jamie Coleman, Shaun Downey and Boris Schlossberg.  We are super excited to be hosting this group of Forex rockstars, and what's more, we'll be opening the floor to your questions!  We're all about power to the traders here at Currensee towers.

Shaun Downey, Boris Schlossberg and Jamie Coleman, Currensee's all-star Forex panelists

Please join us on Tuesday, September 29 at 2:00pm Eastern Time (that's 11:00am in San Francisco, 7pm in London and 10pm in Dubai) for this rare chance to hear three Forex experts of this caliber for the uncommonly low price of zero.  (At current prices, that's also zero Euros, zilch Pounds and bupkis Yen)  Sign up soon since space will be limited.

In case you're new to Forex, here's a little background on our panelists:

Boris Schlossberg

Boris Schlossberg serves as director of currency research at GFT, a world-leading provider of online currency trading services. Mr. Schlossberg is responsible for providing fundamental and technical analysis to the company's global network of individual and institutional customers as well as financial media outlets. Prior to joining GFT, he was a senior currency strategist for Daily FX. Mr. Schlossberg's career on Wall Street began more than 20 years ago with Drexel Burhnam Lambert, and during that time, he traded a variety of financial instruments, from equities and options, to stock index futures and foreign exchange. He is a weekly contributor to CNBC's Squawk Box and a regular commentator for Bloomberg radio and television. Mr. Schlossberg's daily currency research is widely quoted by Reuters, Dow Jones, and Agence France Presse newswires and appears in numerous newspapers worldwide. He has written for SFO, Active Trader, and Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazines. Mr. Schlossberg is the author of Technical Analysis of the Currency Market and Millionaire Traders.

Shaun Downey

Shaun has spent the last 17 years as a technical analyst at CQG teaching, consulting, and promoting technical analysis and system creation around the world, on a one to one, webinar and seminar basis. He also acts as Chief Investment Advisor for Grays and Associates which has over £20 million in managed pension funds, trading all asset classes, on both a short term and strategic basis.

His most recent major venture has been the release of his book, “Trading Time” New Methods in Technical Analysis, which highlights some of the studies he has created over the years that are specifically designed to concentrate on the often ignored area of timing trades and managing risk and expectation, whatever your investment horizons.

He is the founder of which provides technical commentaries, education and mentoring programmes for the professional and retail arena. He posts educational/market relevant videos on the forum and posts on Twitter under the name of Shaun_Downey.

Jamie Coleman

Prior to launching ForexLive, Jamie Coleman spent nearly twelve years at Thomson Financial as managing analyst of the institutional Forex product IFR Forex Watch. In 2007, he left the Forex Watch team to launch a retail Forex-oriented site which became the popular Reuters FX Hub. FX Hub fell victim to cost cutting after the sub-prime mortgage crisis swamped the financial markets in 2008.

Prior to his work as a market analyst, Jamie spent 12 years trading spot and forward foreign exchange at a number of major banks including, ABN Amro, ING and NatWest USA. His biggest career break as a trader, being hired as chief dealer at Baring Securities in New York in February 1995, was derailed by Nick Leeson, one of the great rogue traders of market lore.  Jamie is a native New Yorker and graduate of Georgetown University.


Be sure to read the full risk disclosure before trading Forex.  Please note that Forex trading involves significant risk of loss. It is not suitable for all investors and you should make sure you understand the risks involved before trading. Performance, strategies and charts shown are not necessarily predictive of any particular result. And, as always, past performance is no indication of future results.

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