Daily Archives: September 29, 2009

This afternoon, Currensee will be hosting a free online panel discussion featuring three bright stars from the worlds of trading and forex - Jamie Coleman (author of ForexLive and former managing editor of Reuters FX Hub), Shaun Downey (technical analyst at CQG and I-traders.com) and Boris Schlossberg (director of currency research at GFT Forex) - discussing how trade collaboration, the psychology of trading and the wisdom of the crowds is creating a new category of social data.

Boris Schlossberg Jamie Coleman Shaun Downey

We're really excited that these good folks have taken the time to appear on our panel and answer not just our questions but also yours!  We're going to start off with a quick check-in on the outlook for the USD/JPY from technical, fundamental and social viewpoints, and then move into some questions about how the experts see the issues around volume and sentiment in Forex.  Please join us at 2pm ET today for a chance to pose your fx trading question to Shaun, Jamie and Boris. There are just a few seats left...


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